World Gin Day: The Best Places on the Planet to Drink Gin

Mother’s Ruin it may have been, but because it now even has its own day (World Gin Day on Saturday 10th June), here’s our list of best places on the planet to enjoy Gin-chin chin!

Gin Bar, Cape Town

Inspired by the history of the building itself (it used to be a morgue!) Gin Bar’s menu boasts cocktails purporting to provide a tonic for your head, heart, soul or ambition: this tucked away address is one of the most sought after drinking establishments in Cape Town. With the air of a secret, Gin Bar’s serene vibe evokes the feel of a vintage apothecary where its clientele can sip master crafted gin cocktails made from fledging South African labels and some of the finest gins in the world to cure every ill!

Old Fashioned Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar, Barcelona

There’s nothing old fashioned about the Old-Fashioned Gin Tonic & Cocktail bar Barcelona. Braces and waistcoats, cocktail masters and a retro setting make this an amazing bar in one of our favourite cities. They do some amazing artisan gins and great plates to see you through the evening.

East London Liquor Company

Head over to East London to this brilliant little distillery. It’s in a car park…next to the canal…. This super cool establishment creates a host of gin cocktails made with the Gin created on site-an authentic Gin and juniper drink experience where you can sip a cocktail whilst taking in the towering copper stills.

Illicit drinking at Bathtub Gin, New York

Disguised as a coffee shop in Chelsea, this hush-hush New York Gin joint comes complete with secret entrance and gold plated bathtub. The whole place has a pre-Prohibition vibe with vintage Flapper outfits donned by the waitresses and pre-prohibition cocktail recipes. Great quality cocktails and tasting plates mean it’s a definite go-to.