Whatever your company is offering, you need to make an emotional connection with your clients in order to get them to take the next step. We invest in things we feel strongly about. You can use prize promotion to stimulate excitement, anticipation and interest in your brand. When you offer a competition for marketing purposes, you need to make sure the prize sparks a motivational response from your target audience.

At Four Corners, bespoke experiences are our business. We can help you offer amazing prize promotions that will get customers lining up to share their details and take notice of your company.


It may be tempting to offer a popular tech device or something luxurious that isn’t particularly related to your brand. The trouble with this is that you may attract a lot of entries and gather details from a wide audience. However, when the promotion is over, many of these people won’t make the crucial leap from competition entrant to customer because they didn’t have much interest in your brand in the first place.

If you sell haircuts, for example, make the competition about free hair products or cuts for a year. This will attract people who take an interest in their appearance and are likely to respond to your marketing efforts after the promotion, even if they don’t win. At Four Corners, we can tailor a prize for your company that is high-end and worth winning but also relevant to your brand.


When you offer a stunning prize, it can get people chatting about your company. With the right images and copy, your offering will be instantly shareable on social media. You can even make sharing and tagging your prize a part of the process of entry to guarantee good coverage. At Four Corners, our experience with prize promotion means that we can help you put together the perfect package to get the attention of new customers, influencers and distributors. These are the people who can give your brand the push it needs to get to the next level.


Make your prize promotion work hard for your business by partnering with Four Corners to create deluxe, life-changing experience packages that everyone will be talking about.