Teamwork is a great way to enhance creativity, productivity, and motivation. Individual awards have their place because a little healthy competition can be beneficial as well. However, if you can drive your team to work together, it creates company cohesion and good will. The rewards can also double as further team-building experiences.

Positivity in the workplace leads to improved morale and attracts a higher calibre of employee. In the modern era, your reputation as an employer is important as employees can now review their work experience for everyone to see through services like Glass Door and Indeed.


Employees that care about their reputation at work and about each other are more likely to be committed to common goals. When the prize is big enough, your employee reward programmes can change the way your people feel about coming to work.

Get them invested in your company

Company loyalty is invaluable for getting your employees to promote your brand and care about what you are doing. Once they have an emotional investment, their success and your success are synonymous. With the right employee reward programmes from Four Corners, you can achieve this easily while making it look like you have pulled off something


Earmark some of your budget for your reward programmes. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to justify that cost. When you create your process, you can build in measurable social and financial targets to help you achieve your goals.

You can involve your employees directly in the process and ask them to tell you what will make them feel more rewarded at work. This kind of information can help you develop free ways to reward your employees within your paid incentive programme such as positive feedback, regular reviews and results tracking.

where do we come in

At Four Corners, we have experience supplying employee rewards with a wow-factor. This helps to get your innovations noticed and ensures that they are remembered for a long time. The right incentives have a lasting effect on productivity and morale. Get in touch to see how we can help you build reward programmes that will make you stand out.